Step 2 - RTCW Installation:

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Enter your CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive.

When you see the following screen, hit "install":
Install screen

Click "Next"
Welcome screen

Click "Yes"
Software License Agreement

If your computer meets the minimum system requirements, click "Next"
Minimum System Requirements

Enter your product key (it can be found on the inside of your jewel case)
CD Key

If the CD key is correct, you should see this screen, otherwise, you're a naughty boy.
Key OK

Click on "Browse" if you want to set the installation folder, otherwise click "Next"
Choose Destination Location

Choose the name you want RtCW to display in your start menu or leave default
Start Menu Programs Folder

Click "Install"
Start Installation

Click "OK"
Hardware detected

If you would like to have shortcuts on your desktop choose "Yes", otherwise chose "No"
Create Shortcuts

Choose "Register Later" and click "Next"
Electronic Registration

Hit "Finish" to quit installtion
Installation Complete

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