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RTCW - Airstrip 2 Read Me

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Unzip the airstrip2.pk3 file to your "C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\Main" folder. DO NOT extract the pk3 file or it will not work. You do not need to remove the previous version of Airstrip, this file is named airstrip2.pk3 and the previous version was named mp_airstrip.pk3

---General Information---
Version: 2.0
Title: Airstrip 2 - NOTE: This map is playable in SW and MP modes ONLY - a CP version will follow shortly
Filename: airstrip2.pk3 which includes: all files necessary to run this map
Author: Rummie aka ReconSOC
Other Levels by Author: mp_airstrip
Email address:

Additional Credits to:

- Nerve and id for making the best FPS of 2001 and perhaps of all time
- TimeLord for beta testing this map on their server
- Quesa for ideas, playtesting, and listening to me complain
- Tram Design for all the tools and help
- - awesome reference site
- Marko for helpful hints
- Original Playtesters (mp_airstrip): Snigga, Darkeye, Hanna
- Planet Wolfenstein for hosting my site

Special thanks to all the people who provided feedback on the first version of Airstrip and the Airstrip 2 beta whether it was nice or nasty or just plain mean. All of your comments have been taken into consideration.

Why is this called Airstrip 2?

This map is basically the same as the original Airstrip, however so much has changed since the first release, I can not simply call it Airstrip revised. The basic layout is the same, but now there are maintenence tunnels, new spawn points, a flag objective, moved walls and a plethora of other changes including bug fixes. This is the final version of the map and there will be no version 3.

---Play Information---
Game Description: The Allies are attacking an Axis Airstrip

- Allied Primary Objectives: Destroy the North and West Anit Aircraft Guns, Destroy the Air Control Tower
- Allied Secondary Objectives: Destroy the Main Hanger door to gain access to the maintenance tunnels, destroy the dock house door, Capture the Hanger Flag

- Axis Primary Objectives: Defend North and West AA Guns, Control Tower
- Axis Secondary Objectives: Do not allow the Allies to gain access to the tunnels or control the hangers

Game Type(s): MP and SW modes (CP version to follow - will be a different file)
Scoring Information: 15 points for each secondary 15 for each primary objective destroyed
Number of Teams: 2, Axis and Allies.
Recommended # of Players: 12- 30

---Map Information---
New Textures: None
New Sounds: None

Base: Original work based on mp_airstrip (also by author)
Editor(s) used: GTK Radiant, GTKBuild, UBSP.
Compile Machine: AMD 1.4 Ghz Thunderbird, 1 Gig RAM
Compile time:

---AIRSTRIP 2 Info - what is different??---

- Allies now spawn at a gate instead of the docks
- Many new details have been added
- More "cover" has been added in the wide open areas
- When objectives are destroyed, rubble is left in place
- The Anti-Aircraft guns look better and now explode correctly
- A new subterrainian tunnel network has been added that can be accessed from the Main Hanger and the axis spawn area - this gives additional access to the Control tower and both AA buildings
- The dock house now allows access to one AA gun once the door is blown
- Allied and Axis Spawn points have been fixed
- The allies now have a forward respawn flag in the Hangers
- Many other changes to enhance game play

WARNING: This map MAY HAVE slightly higher than average R-SPEEDs, however they do not seem to affect gameplay. I never dropped below 45 FPS in any area, however lower end machines may not have such success.

---Known Bugs---

---Additional Info---

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

This file may not be distributed with any modifications.

This BSP may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on any CD or distribute it in
any way without my explicit permission.

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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