mp_bismarck.pk3 (Bismarck's Assault)

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Author: Michael "Fiesling" Betke
Misionscripts by NightWulf
Mapname: Bismarck's Assault
Style: WW2-Nightmap
Date of completion: 15.March.2002
Build Time: about 4 weeks, with a lot of coffee.

The Map takes place in an WW2 harbour with a little Village. In the Harbour are the secret Invasion Plans for
the Bismarck, the biggest Battleship around there. Allied Forces have to steal the plans and escape with them.
On the other hand Axis have to steal a spylist to get rid of some Allied Spies that can destroy the whole Inavsion.
So don't let the Axis get this list, or your Spies will be dead.

- NightMap
- Supports all Mods (MP,SW,CP)
- many Details and good FPS
- Complete Secret Level to expore
- 2 different ways to the objectives

Known issues - Authors Comment:
Not many. If you enter the harbour, you could get a small FPS-Drop, because of the detail. But the map runs
at mp_assault speed.
There is one Brushside missing near the church, but it's not to see because there is a dark Corner.
There should be a bit fog in the map, but for some reasons it wasn't compiled.
The terrain seems a bit choppy, but i have to save polys in the harbour.
I think it's a solid map not the best of the world but not to bad, too.
Compared with my Horus i improved my mapping technics and got better.
There are no Nazi runes, because i'm from germany and in germany it's forbidden to use or show
old runes.

Technical stuff:
Mappingtool: GTK-Radiant 1.2.6 with a few modifications for rtcw
Mapping System: Athlon-XP 1800+ with 768MB DDR-Ram and a Geforce2Ultra Graphics Adapter
compile time: 5 hours with fullvis.

Copy the mp_bismarck to your /main folder and run the game with start server or from the
Console with /map mp_bismarck Have fun!

Thx to:
Janka, the RTG-Clan (, my coffee-distributor and to NightWulf for the fine Scripts.

Copyright Stuff:
You are forbidden to edit and release the map under another name. You are allowed to
let everyone download the map. Feel free to make money with the Map (like Printmedia),
but you have to tell me in an E-Mail about it before you do this.
Have fun!! You can use ALL the textures and shader if you like. Feel free to give me some credits in your readme.
Copyright 2002 by Fiesling

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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