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PK3 MD5 Checksum: DD1BC6DF5430A51EB33639BA70CE7309

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Map Description:
The Allies are guarding a hoard of gold in the Tobruk Central Bank. The Axis must steal the Jagdpanther to blow the bank open, steal the gold bars and drop them to safety in a Truck.

Game Modes: MP, SW
Timelimit: 10
Axis spawntime: 21
Allied spawntime: 30

"TLDR" Objectives:
- Push Tank Button
- Destroy Command Post with dynamite
- Take Gold inside Bank and drop it on the Truck
- Take Flag to get a Forward Spawn

- Axis first need to push the Tank Button which is located behind the Tank at the wall. Allies can backspawn at the Bank if they wish by using setspawnpt 5
- After pressing the Button, Allies can only spawn near the Bank and Axis spawn moves to Tank Depot Yard (Axis can still at their first spawn by using setspawntpt 101 (Sniper Hill Spawn)
- Then the Tank moves towards the Tank Barrier (takes 33 seconds), and will stop there. Axis need to blow up the Command Post (CP) which is located inside the Tower next to the Tank Barrier
- After they blow up the CP, the Tank Barrier is removed and the Tank will move to the Bridge (like ET SW version) and fire, which blows the Bank Doors
- After the Bank Doors are blown, the Flag House (Axis Forward Spawn) becomes available too, which is located in the house next to the Tank Barrier
- If Axis take the Flag, they spawn inside that House. Axis can still spawn back at the Tank Depot Yard by using setspawnpt 101 (Sniper Hill Spawn)
- Now Axis need to take the Gold and drop it on the Truck, the game ends there. There is no Truck run unlike on ET

Other changes compared to ET:
- Axis are attacking, and the Allied are defending (to make attacking little bit easier due to smg gun switch and no fall off damage)
- As mentioned above, Attacker spawntime is 21 instead of 20
- Truck cannot be damaged and does not need to be escorted (player standing next to it so it keeps moving forward)
- There is an extra pathway (called "Secret Passage") from Allies Bank Spawn towards the door behind the bridge
- No airstrikes or artillery fire will explode in Allies Bank Spawn (see netting on buildings for specific area). They do explode at 2nd arch though!

A big thank you to:
- Sixty Four for editing the panzer_a.md3 model (no shadow below tank)
- John Mullins for helping me creating a no airstrike / artillery zone without an actual visible roof
- Oxy for helping setting up test matches and general feedback and support
- All the people who tested the alpha versions!

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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