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PK3 MD5 Checksum: 546E08FB7AD2D6BB84BF0C3D2CD87984

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Site Downloads: 6
Total Downloads: 6

Version :ALPHA 1.0 Deathmatch
Release Date :12/02/2002
Filename :mp_lueneburg.pk3
Author(s) :V FORCE.RA$TA
Email Address
Clan Page :
Description :Final Map will be a "Capture the Flag"-Map. For multiplay testing
i made it avaible for Deathmatch. Its a Small Town sourrounded by
City-Walls. Everything is still very "beta" as u will recognize
by urself :))

Special Thanks to :All my Clan-M8s for testing it :-))

--- Play Information ---
Game :Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Level Name :CTF_LUENEBURG - DeathMatch-Version
Single Player :are u kidding?
Cooperative :what??
Deathmatch :DEFINETELY
Dark Match :what is that??
Difficulty Settings :i shouldnt take old map-info.txt s i guess
New Sounds :well...
New Graphics :tons of ;)
Known bugs :As this map is still in progress, there should be many,
:but i didnt found any serious, well...except the water around
:the walls, better not fall in ;)
--- Construction ---
Editor(s) used :Wolf SDK Radiant (or whatever its name is)
Base :New Map from Scratch
Editing Time :hmmm, few weeks went in till now

Extract and copy:
mp_lueneburg.pk3 in your RTCW/MAIN folder

Author's Notes
Well, as i said this map is still in work, and final one will be NOT Deathmatch...

--Dont forget to visit our Site!!!!
P.S.: If ya ever come to lueneburg, dont wonder if the town doesnt look like in
game :-P

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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