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Snipe Range
By MIKUltra

- Thanks to all the crew at Tram Design for all thier help.

This is a multiplayer RTCW practice map for a single player.

So you can practice with your multiplayer settings.

There is so much that could be done on something like this, but it was a two day project to study up on scriptmovers & I don't want to spend any more time on it.

Put the .pk3 file into your RTCW main folder.


A few functions

A - Improve Snipering Skillz - Shoot the bottles , ducks, apples, blocks & stuff. A few Moving targets.

B - Improve Grenade Skillz - Blow up the chairs in the Air

C - High Dive into a pool.

D - Learn script_movers

Do with it what you will, there is no copyright.

Note - If you change path_corners values, delete them and redo them. They don't like to be changed (when I do it anyway)


Have a good practice or script fiddle.


_____HOW TO CHANGE THE SPEEDS for non mappers________

The settings of the far left bottles cannot be changed unless you make changes to the map & recompile it.

Make a backup copy of sniperange.pk3.
Make another copy and take it somewhere.
Rename it to
Open up the zipfile, to edit the sniperange.script in the maps folder.
When you have finished editing zip it back up preserving the folder structure.
Rename it back to sniperange.pk3.
And put it back into the main RTCW folder.
And if it doesn't work, at least you have it backed up.

So I better do a disclaimer, I do not hold myself responsible for anything you may incur as a result of following my instructions.

In sniperange.script each section is started by

//A Title

OK, Here goes

each seperate thing has a name eg the 3 sky blocks are called sky_one, sky_two & sky_three
and each has a block of script to tell it what to do.

for example the standard notation for these movers is

trigger loop

We will be manipulating numbers within the

trigger loop


//The 3 sky movers

the lines that begin with gotomarker
tell where to move.

change the number before wait to change the speed along that course.


gotomarker skyone_1 60 wait

in this we would change the 60 to something else, maybe 80, remember to keep the structure intact.

gotomarker skyone_1 80 wait

The higher the number the faster it goes for gotomarkers.

/////////////////// ///////// ////////
// Bobbing Bottles //Apples &//Rings
/////////////////// ///////// ////////

again just a simple matter of changing the number in the gotomarker

the gotomarkers with a _1 in there, is the up moving
bit and _2 are the down moving bits.

there are 7 bottles, 7 apples & 8 rings

// Circling Skull Head Squares (on the long wall)

in this we change the faceangles

for example

faceangles 0 0 90 4000

the 0 0 90 bit means, rotate 0 degrees on the z axis, 0 degrees on the y axis, and 90 degrees on the x axis.

the 4000 bit means take 4000 milliseconds to do this.

So change the 4000 bit to whatever.

you can even experiment on the angles to change the motion.

// THE DUCKS & The Skull faced blocks.

If you want to keep the ducks & skulls moving in an orderly fashion, you will have to change the components of each duck or block in a group.

So 12 ducks, 12 skulls and 12 lumps (farthest skulls).

example for ducks
you will have to change
duck_one, duck_two.....duck_twelve.

for skulls,
skull_one, skull_two etc.etc.

for the other skulls
lump_one, etc.



duck_one the top gotmarker is travelling along the top of the wall, it turns at the ends with the faceangles, travels underneath, turns up at the end and repeats the loop.

change the all gotomarker speed values to what you want.
And adjust all the faceangles time taken values.

And do the same for each duck.


Thats it, make sure you don't change anything else and that the last character of the script is a } and not even a space.

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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