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Final - By CptnTriscuit

Greetings! Thank you for downloading Toxicity!

This whole 'Toxicity' thing started a while back when I was having some 'mappers block'. I was playing around with a concrete texture in photoshop and remembering the acid from Doom. I came up with the first beta pretty quickly, but after some consideration based on player feedback and my own, I wanted to really change it. So after a good amount of mapping Beta Build 2 was out...which of course is what this final is based on. I hope you have fun playing the map, because I had alot of fun making it!


To install Toxicity, simply place the mp_toxicity.pk3 file into your main Return to Castle Wolfenstein directory. To uninstall it, simply remove the mp_toxicity.pk3 file from the directory.

NOTE: Toxicity Final might run improperly if you already have the Toxicity Beta Build 1 or Beta Build 2 installed. Simply uninstall Beta 1 / Beta 2 before installing the Toxicity Final.

ANOTHER NOTE: Players with lower-end machines will likely want to make sure dynamic lights are off before playing Toxicity Beta Build 2. This option is located in the main options menu of your Return to Castle Wolfenstein game.

Some Points of Interest

The North Facility Door can be opened from the far side, providing the Allies a quick path to the North Facility.
The Toxic Moat can be drained for safe passage to the Access Tunnels by a lever in a nearby observation room.
Large pits of diluted chemicals can cause you alot of pain very fast.
Spilled pools of concentrated chemicals can quickly bring down those who are not sure of foot.
Downed electrical cables in the Access Tunnels are the most deadly obstacle of the map...the bolts will kill you, and stepping in the water wont help either.

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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