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MP_CHECKPOINT - Axis Rail Checkpoint
Return to Castle Wolfenstein MP Map

Game Types Supported: MP, SW
Suggested Players: 4-8 per team
Default Round time: 10 minutes

Allied forces are attempting to determine the location of a weapons train
carrying V2 rockets by stealing a logbook from an Axis rail checkpoint.

Allied Objectives:

1 - Steal the Logbook containing details of the weapons trains wherabouts from the Checkpoint Office.
2 - Get to the Radio Room and transmit the Logbook information to HQ.
3 - Destroy the Damaged Wall to capture the South Annex.
4 - Breach the Maintenance Access Door to create a route through the main checkpoint buildings to the Office.

Axis Objectives:

1 - Prevent the Allies from stealing the Logbook from the Checkpoint Office.
2 - Stop the Allies before they transmit the Logbook information.
3 - Defend the Damaged Wall of the South Annex.
4 - Stop the Allies from breaching the Maintenance Access Door.


Extract mp_checkpoint.pk3 to \main in your Wolfenstein folder.

Other Information

Author: Andrew Palmer (than)
Email: andyp_123[AT]vodafone[DOT]net

Release: 15/05/2005
Build Time: Ages
Compile Time: 2 hours or so
Build Machine: My work pc (2.2ghz, 512mb)
New Textures: A few minor things. The loading screen and objective pics had a lot of work put into them.
Brushes: Lots
Bugs: The Allied forward spawn points don't work in RTCW versions prior to 1.32.
Source included: Yes, look in the \maps directory in the .pk3 - maybe you could fix the bugs for me ;)
...or convert level to work with ET.

Grey Matter, Nerve, id Software - for making such a cool game
Splash Damage - for inspiration in the form of Enemy Territory (awesome work, guys)
GTK Radiant Team - for making a very good editor.
The mod community - for new maps, mods, tools etc. and generally driving everything forward. You are all great :)
Porn - for being there when I needed you most
I'd also like to thank anyone or anything else that has helped in any way. THANKS!


This is my first Q3 engine level, and possibly my last. It's also going to be the last level
I build without having a very thorough plan beforehand. Too often I will build an area of a map
without having any real idea of what is going to come next, and so the map ends up being a bit
of a mess, and takes me longer to build. From now on, I plan ahead!

The base of this level is a small test map I made when applying for a job at Splash Damage a long
time ago (they were still making Enemy Territory, I think the SP portion had just been canned.)
The test consisted of the service shed, and cliffside rail tracks and was less detailed. I'm surprised
I even got an interview :)

The rest of the level was built later. Some of it was made a while after I started at Rebellion
(Late 2003), and most of it was made in the past month to mark my leaving Rebellion (mid 2005.)
Because of the aforementioned lack of planning, a lot of the stuff I made for the level was scrapped,
and some of the final thing I'm still unhappy with.

Because of the way I built the map (all the buildings in one room, under one sky) there are a few
problems with visibility. I think this could be fixed by knowing what the heck one is doing when
it comes to placing hints. I don't know enough about hints to place them for efficient portal
generation :( Still, it generally runs about as well as some of the Official Wolf MP maps.

I narrowly avoided disaster after releasing this map with very dark lighting. I had a quick playtest
at work, and found that the level was near pitch black on everyone else's machines. I've managed
to get Q3map2 working properly now, so I recompiled the level with increased gamma settings. It
looks fine in-game with r_gamma 1.3, but I still prefer how it looks with 2. I decided not to
brighten the map further because it will spoil the map for those with bright monitors, such as
myself. Generally I find pictures too dark if the monitor is old and shit, or if you try and run
stuff in too high a resolution.

For anyone that cares/was wondering, I made this map RTCW only, despite the release of ET because I
don't play either anymore, and setting up the gameplay in ET is a lot more complicated. The level
also looks worse next to the ET maps (which are awesome) than the RTCW multiplayer maps :)

The roq files was a massive pain in the arse to make. I couldn't get the cl_avidemo command to work,
so I ended up just making all the frames in photoshop myself. Whilst I was half way through doing this,
I realised that I could have just used FRAPS. What a fucking nightmare >:( Still, I think it gives
my roq a touch of personality compared to the usual stuff. Same goes for my loading screen.

I wish I had used better shots for the roq, since I decided not to use it for the overview in the end.
It's done now, it was really annoying, and I'm not doing it again, when only server admins will ever
see it.

I hope people notice the small touches I have added to my map. There are a couple of Rebellion
in-jokes, so most people won't appreciate them :/

Compile Info

Compiling this on my home PC was a nightmare. I only have 256mb RAM, so q3map was doing a lot of disk
-accessing, which slowed things down a LOT - VIS took over 16 hours for instance. Luckily, I was able
to compile on my work pc, which has 512mb RAM, and didn't need to use the windows swap file. Vis only
took about an hour.

As a note to myself, and anyone who wishes to edit the included source map, my compile settings were
as follows:

q3map2.exe -game wolf -fs_game main -fs_basepath f:\games\return~1 -meta f:\games\return~1\main\maps\
q3map2.exe -game wolf -fs_game main -fs_basepath f:\games\return~1 -vis -saveprt f:\games\return~1\main\maps\
q3map2.exe -game wolf -fs_game main -fs_basepath f:\games\return~1 -light -super 2 -gamma 1.25 -filter f:\games\return~1\main\maps\

The Q3map2 version I used was 2.5.16 (2004-10-18)

Legal Things

This level is copyright 2005, Andrew Palmer

You MAY NOT in ANY way make any profit off this map. The only people allowed to do so are the authors
of the game that it is for use with (explicitly id Software, Nerve and Grey Matter.)

You MAY distribute this level in any FREE channel, such as the internet, a network, via email etc.
You MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels, but please give me some credit for
any of my work that you use.

You MAY NOT use this level as a reason for growing hair of any kind. This also includes the wearing
of false hair including, but not limited to wigs, false beards, moustaches, eyebrows and murkins.

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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