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PK3 MD5 Checksum: 49610FB8B9F26094349D91E3007EEF70

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Designer...Dave Faris aka **ATAC** DOC.Medic aka TONKA email

Clan Web
Clan RTCW SERVER...**ATAC** Battlegrounds



For all my brothers in ATAC....... This is for you. This is just my way of saying "WAY to go Bros" for making ATAC what it is right now, a great place to frag, brag, and a way to get away from the nag !! lol. Thanks.

SLEEVE... I probably pissed u off with all the "wait dont post it yet !!" crisis over the last few months. Thanks brother for not shootin me in the ass !!You are a great leader !!
PWRMASTERS... PWRS u rock !! Thanks for all the beta testing and encouragement. I would of given up if it wasnt for your enthusiasm. You
made me keep chuggin along, just for the fact I didnt want to dissappoint you. Thanks Bro.
TRIGLEBACH..... Trig. What can I say but thanks for the movie you made, and the good times. I know we'll have many more on this map. Just keep your panzer away from my ass!! LOL

Editing..Map making..thank you's

Surface... Eyeronik I dont know what happened to your website, but im sure glad it was around while I was learning. It was a great place to learn with the tutorials you made. It made things alot easier. Thanks.
Tram Design... A great forum place. If you need questions answered, try them here first. Thanks guys.
Q3MAP2- ydnar..his dedication to the perfect map is legendary.
GTKRADIANT......thanks guys. Without you there would be nothing.
Nerve-Grey Matter...thanks for Wolf.
ID....thanks for the engine.

If I left anyone out, I'm truely sorry, for its not out of ignorance but bad memory.


Not much of one !! LOL

ATAC Clan forces are delievering Nazis back to Ally headquarters for severe interrogation, but we're in it for the RnR and after kicking half of the nazi forces's asses across Europe!!
But the nazis as usual, have escaped and want to crash our Party and to be assholes to ruin our cruise.
Play the map, it has more to say than I know what to write !!
This map isnt in historical settings or is it historically correct. It is a map that I have made for my friends to call our own.
Its got pics of hot ladies, spray painted lockers,crates of party favours of a wide variety !! lol
I wanted this to be different than other maps. Not better, just different. Something fun, and more enjoyable than a base.
Some like it..some dont. There are better maps, there are worse. But this map is FUN> !!!!!

My Notes

This is my first map.
I created over 150 custom textures. I used only 83 however. I found regular rtcw textures to be soo blah. I had to make my own.
I have learned so much making this map that if I had to do it all over again, it wouldof been alot better. Next one will rock !!
I believe this is the first map that has ALLIES defending instead of attacking. It was a bugger of a time learning how to script.
I learned how to caulk-hull later on in the map unfortuneatly, I couldnt do much to change it.
But I get 60 -90 FPS than regular 30-60 FPS from other maps. SO its not that bad !!
I wanted to do more with the deck, but I didnt want to sacrifice FPS so I left it minimal.
This map, like I said before, is different. No black and white levelshot, video is of clan nature. The props are way radical.
This doesnt mean it is anyless challenging or not worthy of playing. I hope.

Anyway, I had more to say, but I'm tired.
Thanks for reading this. You're probably the only one who has !! lol
Play the map.
Go to
Go to ATAC Battlegrounds on RTCW. We have our own server full-time.
We are an honourable bunch of older guys who like to let loose and frag.
We promise not to laugh at you when u die from our bullets. LOL

I f you find anything wrong with me


Nerve-Grey Matter or ID or whoever did RTCW or any part, is not responsible for this.
Feel free to do whatever u want with it.
Copyright by ATAC

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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