holy_secrets_final.pk3 (Holy Secrets)

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Download link #2 (.pk3 - 6.11 MB) hosted by http://dvclan.dk
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Holly seecrets (final)


Copy the file "holy_secrets_final.pk3" into your wolfenstein-gamedirectory .../main.
Start the game and select it in the Level-list.


Allies have to steal Gold from a german Church und get away with a Truck.

Mapname : MP_Church.bsp
long Name : Holy secrets
Autor : Reality alias Jr.Creator
e-mail : CS74@gmx.de

Singleplayer : nein
Multiplayer : ja
supportet modes : MP,SW
supported players : 32
recomed : 6-12

Editor : GTK-Radiant V1.24 by nightly
compilation : fast-Vis-light
compilingtime : BSP 42 sec , Vis 171 sec , light 3751 sec
compiling maschine : Celeron 733@915,384 MB RAM,GF2 MX
Testmaschine : same as above
buildingtime : about 3 weeks
Betatester : Drill Sgt Dante,WolfUmbr,Ur2Loud
known bugs : none


-added some tunnels to the canal and one more entrance
-fixed the movement on the ladders,
-fixed the Sound of the button in the Tomb,
-fixed the hurttime on Barbwires,
-ad some changes on the gameplay,
-added the missing Skytextur from the original pak file
-optimized the compilling time,
-compiled with full-Vis now,
-fixed some spelling mistakes :o.

Thanks to Planetwolfenstein-Editing-Forum ,
to nibsworld.com for the Script_mover-Tutorial
and all who helped direct or indirect.

Special thanks to "Drill Sgt Dante" from RTCWfiles.com , "WolfUmbra"
and "Ur2Loud" for the Reviews!

This Level and all included material,is Freeware or property of ID-Software/
Activision and Electronic Arts.
You can multible it as much as you want,but you have not the right to edit and
sale it for money.

PS:If you have couragements or reviews,mailto CS74@gmx.de!

Have Fun !!

PSS: I hope the translation is all right.
My englisch is verry terrible.

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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