arsr_sniperbeach_2.pk3 (ARSR Sniper Beach)

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PK3 MD5 Checksum: 90DEA8CBFE3F3B8719D049F27FA55AA6

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{X}------------------- MAP INFORMATION -----------------------{X}

MAP NAME: ARSR Sniper Beach
Version: 2.0

Author: REAPER

Description:ARSR_Sniperbeach_2 is a port of the popular beach invasion
map, MP_Beach. This map is redesigned for snipers, with several new
areas for hiding and stealthed movement. Teamwork is recommended, and
patience is usually required. The terrain itself has not been
modified; rather we have added objects to the basic map and removed
all objectives. The only objective is to kill the enemy . Enjoy!

{X}------------------- MAP INSTALLATION -----------------------{X}

Extract the arsr_sniperbeach2.pk3 file into your RTCW MAIN directory
e.g.(C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\Main) You can
then launch it from the MP menu or join a server which has
arsr_sniperbeach2 installed.

{X}------------------- Special Thanks To: --------------------{X}

=Acid Rain=/Fatchick/The [ARSR] clan
And Everyone else who contributed and tested this map,


{X}------------------- MISC. CRAP :P -------------------------{X}

If you have any questions/comments hit me up at
Dont be sending me all kinds of messages about all the bugs and
glitches and errors you find though, I know about them.

Enjoy the map!


*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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