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PK3 MD5 Checksum: 2A35DD79CFCCCF9FE1AE95D757D4025C

Client Downloads: 64
Site Downloads: 201
Total Downloads: 265


Install instructions: mp_zeldab1 - first beta release

-Simply unzip the contents of into your RtCW/main directory

What has been changed in the beta:

-Axis spawnpoints changed: respawn flag points are centered around the bar and graveyard
-Made central tower of the Temple of Time accessable
-Added ground cover aboveground and some more cover underground
-more hidden secret weapons
-health giving meals and stamina brandies located in bar and inn
-another little secret something

What was changed from mp_zeldav1 to mp_zeldav1 build 2:

- There was a problem with Axis initial spawns in that they were causing towers of players to fall to their deaths upon spawn. Oops.
- Made some initial Axis spawn points in the warehouse behind HoH and in Sniper Tower
- Made more checkpoint spawns for the axis forward spawn, some in HoH and behind the Tavern and in Tavern ground floor
- Moved some Allied spawns into safer locations less prone to spawn camping: some underneath ladder in original version,
and some into the nooks by the Temple

File Info:

This is a multiplayer map based on the Nintendo 64 video game, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and the Zelda universe in general, but with a World War II twist. I didn't go much into story line other than to say that the war has entered into the Golden Land of Hyrule,where the most powerful artifact in the universe, the sacred Triforce, which has the ability to grant whomever possesses it a wish that is in their heart, is located. It is secured in the Temple of Time, and the Axis forces would be able to win theWar if they could break in and steal it! This will not be an easy mission, as the fate of the universe depends on the Allies defending this precious artifact.

Developed by:

Deven Parrish, AKA Auslander

*This is my first attempt at mapping, and I learned how to use Gtk Radiant by making this map over a period of 4 months. So easy
*on the criticisms, I know it has problems. This was really made for all the Zelda fans out there, who I hope will get into the
*theme of the map!

There is a short supply of it in the world today, but...



*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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