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--== Kriteria's mp_Intensity Readme! ==--

mp_Intensity, FFA map.
Created by Kriteria.
Only install if you agree with these terms!..
Myself, and the distributors of this map, are not responsible for any damage you may cause by installing this map,
or by following the instruction below.


Firstly, extract the files from "", to your
\MAIN folder, located in the root RTCW Directory.
By default the location would be..

c:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\Main\

Setting Up

Once extracted, there are several ways to play the map. I have listed a couple below...

Start RTCW Multiplayer, in the main screen bring up the console view, by default is the ` key,
located at the top left of your keyboard, underneath the Esc key.

Now type in "/Map mp_Intensity ", without the quotes.

This will start the map running, however, you will be the only one there.


Create a simple server to play other gamers via LAN, or internet.

This is a simple example of an RTCW server, using map rotation, including the mp_Intensity map.

Firstly, Open up Notepad, and then type, or copy & paste the following...

seta sv_hostname "My Server"

seta sv_maxclients "8"
seta g_maxlives "0"
seta g_minGameClients "1"
seta g_gametype "5"

seta map_restart "5"
seta timelimit "5"

seta g_friendlyfire "0"
seta g_allowvote "1"
seta g_noteamswitching "0"
seta g_complaintlimit "5"
seta g_warmup "5"

set d1 "set g_gametype 5 ; map mp_intensity ; set nextmap vstr d2"
set d2 "set g_gametype 5 ; map mp_duel ; set nextmap vstr d1"
vstr d1

Now save this file in your "RTCW\Main\" Folder, using the file name "MyServer.cfg"

What it all means

type in here what you want your server to be called. This will show up to others over the internet and lan.
Here i have named it "My Server"

the total amount of gamers allowed to play on your server at any one time.

set this to "0" for infinate lives

this figure is the minimum people allowed on the server for the game to start, set to 1, so as soon as 1 gamer connects,
the games will begin!

5 = Wolf MP Mode.

0 = no friendly fire (you can wound your own team mates)
1 = friendly fire on (you won't be upsetting anyone on your team :o) )

speaks for itself, 1 = voting is allowed, 0 = no votes.

0 = Team switching on, 1 = Team switching off.

5 = Any user complained about on your server will be booted after 5 complaints.

amount in seconds allowed for warm up time.

*Map Rotation
The code following performs a simple map rotation.
This will run the maps called "mp_Intensity", then "mp_Duel" (providing you have mp_Duel downloaded and installed in your RTCW\Main folder)
and then will rotate back to the top to repeat.
More servers can be added to the rotation like this..

set d1 "set g_gametype 5 ; map mp_intensity ; set nextmap vstr d2"
set d2 "set g_gametype 5 ; map mp_duel ; set nextmap vstr d3"
set d3 "set g_gametype 5 ; map "NAME OF MAP" ; set nextmap d4"
set d4 "set g_gametype 5 ; map "NAME OF MAP" ; set nextmap d5"
set d5 "set g_gametype 5 ; map "NAME OF MAP" ; set nextmap d1"
vstr d1


To run the server, firstly create another shortcut to Wolfenstein Multiplayer.
This can be done by right clicking on the existing icon on your desktop, then selecting "create shortcut"
Name the Shortcut something like "Wolf MP MyServer"

Right click on the shortcut you have just created and select properties.
Where target is, you should have writen "C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\WolfMP.exe" or something similar.

Simply add, after the quotes, it will not recognise the file otherwise, the text "+set dedicated 2 +exec MyServer.cfg"
So it should look something like this..

"C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\WolfMP.exe" +set dedicated 2 +exec MyServer.cfg

This instructs RTCW to run a dedicated internet server, using the info from the file we created earlier "MyServer.cfg"

Press enter, then the hard part is over!..


To run the server you have just created, simply click on the icon we've just made on your desktop.
This will run the RTCW server console.

Now the server is running, play the game by clicking your usual "Wolfenstein (Multiplayer)" icon.

Once in game, select multiplayer, then select internet, and "Get New Server List"..

You should now be able to find the server you have just created in the resulting list.

Click on this, and off we go!.. Your other mates can now join you in battle.

Any comments, questions, or surgestions please email


*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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