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This map is dedicated to all those at Battlefield Europe, some of whom got their pretty faces on the walls...


rotor_beta by Crimson Pluck

Allied forces have infiltrated the site of a powerful new Axis weapon. Harnessing the malignant force of an Evil Dead Genius' brainwaves, a giant Angst-Rotor has been built - spreading dread and anxiety throughout the universe. The Allies must break in to the Dead Man's cell, steal his body and make it safely to the surface. There they must throw is body into the Incinerator - thereby ridding the world of this Evil Menace once and for all...

To break into the Dead Man's Cell, Allies must either DYNO the cell itself whilst the Rotor is spinning ( quite tricky ) or DYNO the "Rotor-Core" which will open the Cell and send the Rotor into a new spin...

The Incinerator is UP - go up and you will find it.

/g_gravity has been set at 600 ( normally 800 )

this reduces the chances of falling to your death without making the game silly ( try g_gravity 100 for silliness )

The game will still play fine with g_gravity 800 if you prefer.


be_rotor_beta by CP

Reversed - Axis attack, Allies defend - rotor spins clockwise and new music too.

Crimson Pluck

Battlefield Europe

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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