mp_ardennes.pk3 (Ardennes Blitzkrieg)

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Ardennes Blitzkrieg
Map info: mp_blitzkrieg.bsp
map version: FiNAL
author: Ariff
ideas & general help: Brewskie
comments and bugs:
players: 8 - 24
game modes: currenctly only MP is supported, no CP
Startdate: 1/11/2001
Filesize: 14.384Kb
- Unzip this file into the c:\returntocastlewolfenstein\main directory or whatever directory
you have installed the game to. Start up your Wolf game, and go to the create server menu.
Choose Ardennes Blitzkrieg and start the game :)
- Via console: start up the map with the /map mp_blitzkrieg command.
General info:
- This map is a rather small, fast paced multiplayer map. Perfect for 2 teams of 12
players. Scene is an Ardennes town, full of tight alleys and large courtyards. The centre of
the town has a chapel which stores some expensive relics. Its the allies task to blow up
the entrance to that chapel, steal the relic and escape with it to the Allied truck which
will take the relic to London for further research. If the allies want to be able to escape
this Ardennes town, they'll have to find a way to open the town gates. This can be done
by destroying the town control center and pressing the switch found behind one of the controls.
Objectives summary:
- Allied objectives:
- Destroy the Axis control center,
- Find the hidden switch that controls the gates
- Invade the town and destroy the Chapel entrance which stores the relic
- Steal the relic and escape the town with the Allied truck.

- Axis objectives:
- Defend the control center at all costs
- keep the town gates closed
- Dont let the relic get stolen,defend the chapel entrance
- Allies cannot escape with the relic, prevent them reaching the Allied truck.
Flag HUD status:
This is a short summary of the HUD flag status:

flag 1 : Control center
flag 2 : Chapel breach
flag 3 : Relic
flag 4 : Allied truck
flag 5 : Town gates status : - Axis flag : gates are closed
- Allied flag : gates are opened
New things:
- V1 attacks randomly spread throughout the map
- New sounds and music
- Several new textures, including original ww2 posters and propaganda
Technical info:
Brush count : 4915
Entities : 258
Current compile time : Fullvis and Light : 8hours
Current known bugs:
- Fountain water isn't perfect.
- This is my first custom map for a q3 engine based game, so dont expect too much of it,
i worked a lot fixing r_speeds and cranking up fps on this map, still some areas of the map
have very high r_speeds, which results in lower fps than it should be.
Much respect for the following people:
- Brewskie: much help and psychological support in times of need :) Owe u bigtime m8
- Argonaut aka Thomas Berghold for submitting the classic radio song heard on the axis spawn
- Madman for helping me find the correct airplane sounds
- RigorMortis: lead maptester
- Masochist: for explaining me lots of stuff about mapping.
- PTD clan,Pointy and the guys from Tramdesign.
- the creators of the Wolfenstein game : for giving us a superb game
- all the betatesters ;)
Some quotes of the betatesting people:
- "The Bar has just been moved up several notches. I was only able to play for an hour or so,
but I am extremely impressed. Well thought out, very well designed, outstanding texture and
colorization, and watch out for that V1. Wait till you hear the music." --- Bungalo Bill

- "the map is small..i usually dont like small maps but this one.....whoa nelly. for such a small
map, im surprised. its easier to get lost on this map than any other. all the credit flies to
Ariff for the creation of this map. dang amigo, you rule! the church tiles rule!! one of these
days im going to blow myself up on them tiles and hit spectator mode just to get screenshots."
--- Lead Psychiatry

- "This map is beautifully laid out. It will take a while to know exactly where everything is and
whatnot, but the layout and the intracasies (sp) of design are wonderful. There are so many
little nooks and crannies and hiding places that it will take a while to know where everyone is,
but that just takes time. It will be enjoyed for a long time to come." --- Blue Monkey

- "As for gameplay itself, it was great. i love all the hiding places. The rooftops bring a new
"dimension" of gameplay, not only do u have to look around u but u have to look up alot more
to make sure noone is up there. all those tight alley way battles were awesome, just love the
urban type warefare." --- [RC]Bman35

- "Awesome!!!! Roofs, ledges, rooms, balconys, you name it it's got it, i love going up with my
sten and this map has it! 2 thumbs up! might beat wizernes, have to play with 20 ppl to see."
--- Zytryx

- "I love the closed in feel of this map. Great oe-on-one fights to be had in the ally ways. All
1000 of them. (Many a VIB is going to be doing some self sacraficing with the PF...those hallways
can be a tight fit with more than two people.)" -- Mr. OneTime

- "I tested the map and when you do see it you will see that the maker is on a completely different
level then all but a few map makers out there. if you told me it shipped with RTCW i would believe you."
--- Loco LLama

- "I have come to say good-bye. In a quarter of an hour I shall be dead. The Fuhrer has given me the
choice of taking poison or being dragged before the People's Court."
--- Erwin Rommel after the assassination attempt on Hitler ;o)

Copyright permissions:
- You do NOT have any permission, whatsoever, to modify this map in any way without express, written
permission from it's author. This BSP may be distributed on the internet and/or BBS systems. You
are NOT authorized to put this BSP on any CD or distribute it in any other way without my written permission.
- All logo's and trademarks are copyrighted to their respective owners.
- Some textures have been adapted from the original game and credit is hereby implied to ID software and Nerve

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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