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Map Author: Fraggaholic
Creation Date: January 08, 2002
Final Compile Date: February 11, 2002


Allies Objectives:
- Blow the tunnels and escape from Stalag 13
- Steal Colonel Klink's war documents and transmit to London
- Capture the flag at the Hammelburg Brew Haus

Axis Objectives:
- Stop Hogan's Heroes from escaping Stalag 13
- Guard Colonel Klink's war documents (that means you... Shultz!)
- Guard the flag at the Hammelburg Brew Haus

Map info:
Compile time: 2 hours
Round time: 15 minutes

Map description:

Allies start in the barracks at Stalag 13 and, by using cunning and a previously acquired cache
of weapons, must blow the tunnels and escape. Colonel Klink is just about to leave for Berlin
with his secret war documents and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to steal them and transmit the information to London in your underground radio room.

If this is not too much to ask already, try to escape the Stalag and head for Hammelburg to
enjoy a frosty cold one with the Underground.



To all the guys of Tram Design (who made a map converter without which we wouldn't be able to run custom maps under RTCW - and EVERYONE on the TRAM DESIGN FORUM for all your patience with my numerous questions and for supplying great advice... you KNOW who you are!



Extract the stalag13.pk3 by pointing it to your RTCW main folder (example: c:\program files\RTCW\main). This will install all the custome textures, sounds, etc. the the correct folders. You should then have the Stalag 13 map listed in your Multiplayer selection window.



Caviat: If you have ever tried to make a custom map... you will understand my pain!

This is a "large open area" style map and suffers from high r_speeds in some areas - in other words... you may need a fast computer with a good video card to fully enjoy this particular level. As at this writing, the level has not been fully tested in a multiplayer environment and may be re-released with bug fixes according to interest received.

The flag outside the Hammelburg Brew Haus refuses to "stay lit" for some unknown reason that I am currently investigating - if you capture it, you WILL know you did as it is the only one to worry about in this level... that's IF you can even get outside of the camp long enough to do do!

*** shader/sprite warning for mapobjects/treasure on load *** (annoying message will simply go away so don't worry for now...)


The South American Flying Beetle
The Peruvian Death Wasp

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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