mp_v2base.pk3 (V2 Base)

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Custom map V2BASE for Return to Castle Wolfenstein

This is the final release of mp_v2base.

Map title: V2 Base
Map name: mp_v2base.pk3
Max Players: 18
Editor: GtkRadiant 1.2.7
Author: SteelRat

First of all, this is my first map for RtCW. I focused on making the map fun to play, not on the reality stuff since playing is what RtCW is all about. The map is not that big in size, this adds to more intense gaming and I promise that it is action packed. In the early Beta 3 release I had some really weird music on it, just because I wanted to try if it worked - and it did. The music (if you can call it that) is now gone and I have replaced it with sounds I have sampled myself.

In many ways this map is somewhat like Beach, although I did not intend it that way. Still that is pretty good since Beach is the best map for RtCW!

I made the map in the way I personally thought was best, now it is up to you to decide if it is good enough.

Map Story
The Allied forces have found the German's secret V2 Rocket base up in the mountains and their mission is to get access to the base, steal the V2 Rocket documents and transmit them at the Axis radio station. There is only one exit route in the game until the Allied forces has destroyed that store room wall in the basement, that will provide a secondary exit. Axis are just about to test the first V2 Rocket and are also planning an attack on London. They absolutely need to defend the base at all cost and stop the Allied attack.

Allied Objectives
Destroy the Base Wall
Steal the V2 war documents and transmit them at axis radio station
Destroy the Storage Room wall
Capture the fortress area and hold it

Axis Objectives
Defend the base and the base wall
Protect the secret V2 war documents
Prevent allies from destroying the storage room wall
Capture the fortress area and hold it

Unzip the PK3 file into C:\Program\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\Main

Whatever happens, it is not my fault! Although I have tested the map a lot, you use it at your own risk!
You may NOT distribute this file in by any means or media without my approval.

A big thanks to all my friends at SteelRat's Cage, I hope I remember you all:
Baines, Stubby, KaZe, Variable, MP, Raid, Wrulf, Persan
Rexxor, Master Yoda, MAN, BasheD, Lightning, Mchrill, Punx.

Also thanks to all ### Teamplayers at SRC!

Special thanks goes to /430n and Ringa for ideas, testing and feedback.

See you all at ###SteelRat's Cage - the one and only RtCW server and the home of ### Teamplayers!

You can also visit the official homepage for ###SteelRat's Cage and talk to us in the server forum!

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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