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Kung Fu Grip - TE: A Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer Map

By Jesse Snyder AKA Hummer

0. TE Notes
1. Thanks
2. Installation & Map Name
3. Story
4. Features
5. Objectives
6. Where to?
7. Technical
8. Known Bugs

0. TE Notes

Map name is: te_kungfugrip

Since there has been some demand for a Tournament Edition version, I thought I'd go ahead and put one together. A few things have changed to make competition flow a bit better:

- Lighting has been fixed and reduced to accomodate tweaked cfgs.
- Pillow has been changed to stand out more.
- Added route through Axis spawn to objective room for another possible route.
- Mouse trap moved to be more central between routes.
- Music has been removed to allow for teams on voice software to communicate.
- Added end game camera shots.
- Door into office opened a bit more.
- Z fighting fixes all over the map.
- Shaders improved to reflect proper surface sounds.
- Airstrikes / Artillery now possible in any room of the house.
- Other small brush / texture fixes.

Anyway, thanks to all the clans who tested this out (Distress, Ni!, DSA and Sanrio). Big thanks to Skeeter for rounding up players and clans for testing. Also, thanks to Gearbolt for testing as well.

As an added bonus, the map sources and shaders files are included, as well as the source for the original Kung Fu Grip. I thought some mappers might benefit from the scripting, etc.

1. Thanks

Well, I didn't make this map alone; I had a lot of help along the way. First I'd
like to thank Vaporizer for doing some of the cool brushwork modeling, such as the Train, RC car, Nerf Gun, Mousetrap and Stapler. Also, I'd like to thank DemonEye for making the CD-Key md3 model and skin.

Also, I'd like to thank FBG for the thorough testing done early. With out you, there would be no air vents, catapult, among other things. Also, I'd like to thank clan DPG with later testing, and getting me to finally release this sucker!

Of course, I'd like to thank ( for their help with promoting the map, as well as supporting me though my other endeavors.

I'd also like to thank all the rest of you RTCW mappers, even though you are few
and far between. Nib, Rummie, SCDS_reyalP... and all the guys from
Planetwolfenstein's & RTCW.CO.UK's mapping forums... and the Tramdesign forums ... and the Timelord guys... jeez... so many :)

2. Installation & Play

Simply put the mp_pak_te_kungfugrip in your "Main" folder (which is in your Return to Castle Wolfenstein Directory). Now you can load the map through within RtCW by setting up a server and selecting "TE Kung Fu Grip" from the map choices. Alternatively, you can hit "~" to bring the console down, and type "/map te_kungfugrip"

The map name is "te_kungfugrip" for people who want to put this map into their map

All of the game modes are supported: Capture the Flag (capture the flag mode has not been thoroughly tested in the TE version), Objective Mode, and

3. Story

There has been an on going battle between the Axis and Allied action figures. Both sets of action figures were spawned from the game "Return to Castle Wolfenstein." Of course, the Allied forces are trying to suppress the evil doings of the Axis. However, many of the games secrets can be released with the coveted "CD-Key." If the Axis were to get a hold of the CD-Key, they could transmit it across the Internet and bring the Allied forces to their knees with the secrets of the game.

The Allied forces are the sole protectors of the CD-Key, and they have hidden it
in a chest in a fish tank within the house. However, deep reconnaissances done by Axis forces have discovered the hiding place of the CD-Key. Now, a crack squad of Axis troops has been deployed to recover the CD-Key, and transmit it to other Axis forces across the globe. Allied forces have caught wind of the Axis troop movement, and are on their way to guard the CD-Key.

4. Features

- Moving Toy Train that players can get in
- Remote Controlled Car with player control
- Silly String that can be activated
- Moving Fish in the fish tank (can be killed with grenade)
- Functioning Hamster wheel that opens the fish tank lid
- Functioning Dart gun with sticky darts that attach to the fish tank
- Radio with song that changes depending on which team has the objective
- Catapult to launch players across the room
- Air ducts that blow players around
- Lots of jump pads
- 98% custom textures
- Fantastic Brush modeling
- Realistic Lighting
- All multiplayer modes (MP, CP, SW)

5. Objectives


Primary Objective: Prevent the theft of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein CD-Key.
Primary Objective: Prevent transmission of the CD-Key over the Internet.
Secondary Objective: Defend the North heat vent.
Secondary Objective: Defend the East heat vent.
Secondary Objective: Defend the South heat vent.
Secondary Objective: Secure the Playboy to deter axis morale.


Primary Objective: Steal the Return to Castle Wolfenstein CD-Key in the Fish Tank
Primary Objective: Transmit the CD-Key over the Internet, in the office.
Secondary Objective: Destroy the North Vent for heat duct access.
Secondary Objective: Destroy the East Vent heat for heat duct access.
Secondary Objective: Destroy the South Vent for heat duct access.
Secondary Objective: Secure the Playboy for team morale.

6. Where to?

For Objective Mode:

The layout is fairly simple. The Axis start in a bedroom, the Allies in the
bathroom. The Kid's bedroom, which contains the CD-Key, is in between the two
spawn rooms. The Axis should probably blow the heat vents in order to give their
side another route when they get the CD-Key.

The remote control, which controls the RC car, lies within the Axis spawn room,
near the door. The car will loop around the hallway when activated. There is an
air vent across from the axis spawn point, which will place players on top of the bunk bed in the Kid's room. On top of the bunk bed is a Nerf Dart gun. Players can activate the gun by pulling the trigger. These darts will give players "steps" to climb the front of the fish tank. Also, there is a silly string can at the foot of the lower bunk, that when jumped on, will shoot string to the bookshelf for another route to the fish tank.

Also, below the bunk beds in the corner of the room is the forward spawn. If
taken, Axis will spawn underneath the bed. However, the Axis will be forced to
take the low ground for the most part. The cord on the blinds is climbable though, and climbing it will get players back on top of the bed.

The Axis must get to the top of the bookshelf, to the hamster wheel. Jumping
inside will open the fish tank. From there, the Axis can get the CD-Key in the
chest. Once they have the objective, they can try to ride the train out, take the catapult on top of the fish tank which will land them back on the top bunk, or they can try and land on a pillow on the side of the fish tank which will break their fall. If the vents are blown, they can choose that route. Otherwise, they have to go back through the door. If they choose to jump from the bed, they can again land on a pillow, which will break their fall.

They must battle up the hallway to the office across from the Allied spawn
(bathroom). In the back right corner of the room is a mousetrap, which will bounce them up to the desk. They can then take the stapler to the computer. Once they've landed on the keyboard, the Axis have won.

Along the way are a number of bouncy objects, like blue racquetballs and sponges. There are a number of hiding places and sniper spots, so be careful! Take advantage, and be aware of your surroundings.

By the way, once the Allies recover the objective, the lid on the tank will close, and someone will have to reopen it by hopping on the hamster wheel. This is to prevent "doc sitters." I had lots of good laughs watching helpless doc sitters swimming around, waiting for the tank lid to reopen.

For Capture The Flag Mode:

The flags are located on the submarine in the bathtub, in the chest in the fish
tank, the keyboard in the office, in the toy chest in the kid's bedroom, the
shoebox in the parent's bedroom, and the top bunk in the kid's bedroom.

7. Technical

This map was made with GTK Radiant 1.2.12. The Compiler used was q3map2 2.5.3. Release date is May 6, 2003.

8. Known Bugs

- The water may not always splash when shot.

- When the fish tank lid is down, and the lid is shot, water will splash up. This is a script mover limitation.

- Script movers can be nasty at times... don't be surprised if you get stuck to,
or gibed by a script mover.

- On rare occasions, you can "ride" the Nerf darts though the fish tank glass.
Since this can only happen once per game, and the lid is usually closed anyway,
it's not a big deal.

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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