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Infamy - Return to Castle Wolfenstein

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Remove any beta copies of Pearl Harbor or Inafamy before running this map locally, or on a server! The map will not work properly otherwise.

SS spies are attemping capture and destroy documents which contain the
whereabouts of Adolf Hitler. The SS has coordinated with the Japanese Naval
fleet to carry out their mission during the confusion on the raid of Pearl

1. Gain Access to / Defend Sewer Entrance.
2. Gain Access to / Defend Hospital Storage.
3. Hold Forward Deployment Area in the Hospital Storage.
4. Steal / Retrieve Documents.
5. Destroy / Prevent Destruction of Documents in Incinerator.

Server Admin:
Map Name : infamy
Game Modes : Objective, Stop Watch
Spawn Times : Axis - 25, Allies - 35
Game Time : 10 Minutes

The map file and shaders used for editing are included. If you'd like to use any
part of the map for your own use, contact Jesse "Hummer" Snyder at snyderjw@

Infamy, although seemingly large, has been playtested with competition in mind.
This map has been adjusted to suit 5 vs 5, 6 vs 6 and 7 vs 7 styles of play.

Many playtesters had a difficult time finding alternate routes. Take for
example the first objective, the dynamitable sewer entrance. This can be used as
an "out" from spawn camping if it becomes a problem, and to potentially
circumvent a sturdy hospital defense set up by the Allies.

Also, there's an underground tunnel from the hospital to the hangar area. From
the hangar, there's a vent system that falls into a sub pen, near the document

In the hangar are a set of crates along the wall. Any explosive will set off the
crates and open a route to the documents. Behind this newly created door,
directly to the left, is a room with a switch that opens a viewing window. This
window can be used to see enemy coming into the hangar, but is protected with
saftey glass.

There's also an office area. On the ground floor is another vent system that
goes into the incinerator room.

In all, the document room has three entrances and two exits. The incinerator has
two entrances, and one exit.

From playtesting, the Axis had a very difficult time winning without keeping the
forward deployment area. This area is located in the hospital, near the
playground. Use dynamite to open the door.

Some SOF2 textures were accidentially used in beta versions, but in the final release, these textures were either reconstructed or greatly altered.

Thanks to everyone on all the mapping forums... Tramdesign, Splashdamage,
Planetwolfenstein,, and to all the individuals who've helped me along
the way.

Thanks to Devil for keeping me motivated, coming up with the idea, doing the
playground area, finding textures, as well as reskinning the trucks and plane!

Thanks to 7 Angels and UFOK for playtesting. Also, thanks to all the individuals... Sp1ke from NARF, Face from Arise, McAvoy from c4c, Mich from VIB, LuckyB from GLOW, GearBolt and countless others I'm sure I'm leaving out.

Thanks to Shattersoul and Arise for giving me space to do this and for
playtesting as well.

Thanks to PurpleDrillMonkey for the lightbeam shader.

Thanks to Vaporizor for the incinerator room. Sorry I modified it so much :)

Level Design, Shaders, Scripting, Final Layout, Game Art: Hummer
Models & Reskinning, Original Layout: Devil
Sound, Textures: Hummer and Devil

Devil was responsible for creation of the playground area.

Contact Hummer at, or reach him on IRC on gamesnet in
channel #7angels. If serious gameplay issues arise, or major bugs are found,
another version can be released. Wait... that's what tournament editions are for! :)

This map was compiled using q3map2 2.5.3 and contructed with GTKRadiant 1.2.12.
Release date is May 2, 2003.

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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