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April 20, 2002
This is a proof of concept demonstration of multiple flag CTF for wolf.
As such, it is mainly intended as an example for other map developers.
Unlike most wolfenstein maps, where capturing the objective ends the round,
a team must capture the other teams objective 3 times to win.

In order for this to work, some sacrifices must be made. Specifically, a
player who captures the objective is instantly sacrificed. Also, the flags do
not return to their starting point for 30 seconds after a capture. This is
creatively described as a feature. Finally, a teams flag does not have to
be 'home' in order for them to capture the enemies flag.

The objectives on this map is are locknars, because locknars are very serious.

The standard match timer is still there, but it doesn't mean much.

The script and .map file are included, for the benefit of anyone interested in
creating maps with this sort of gameplay. Feel free to use either as the basis
for your own maps. I suggest not using the actual level geometry, because
it represents very poor construction. If you make a map based on this one,
distribute it with a different name, and credit me in the readme.txt
If you want to create a level with more than 5 captures per match, you will
not be able to display a UI objective for each of them.

Because the trigger_flagonly entity is destroyed when it is touched by a flag,
there needs to be one for each time the flag is to be captured. Because a
player does not exactly drop the flag when they trigger the trigger_flagonly,
the player is killed. script_movers are used to kill the player and close off
the trigger_flagonlys which have been used.

Some general observations of the way flags/capturable objectives work:
- You can have multiple flags of the same color. I'm not sure what happens
if more than one is picked up at by different people. A single person can
pick up as many as they like.

- If you have multiple red or blue flags, when one is returned, they will ALL be returned.
Again, not sure what happes if someone is holding one.

- Flags can be squished. If the player holding a flag is squished to 0 thickness, the flag is
effectivly removed from play (not sure if this is only while the squsher is in place or not). It
does not automaticly return as it normally would. It will be returned to play if another flag of
the same color is returned. If a player is squished, but enough room is left for the flag, it
does not get removed from play. If you jump with the flag under a squisher, the flag gets
squished, even if there would normally be room for it. The clip brushes placed near the
trigger_flagonlys in the demo map are there to prevent this.

- Flags cannot spawn in solid, including solid movers.

About the map:
The map is small, primitive and ugly. It is a slight modification of
the first map I ever made, kothtest, which was itself a demonstration of
the 'king of the hill' objective type I created.
It has about 30 spawn points, but should probably be played with fewer players.

Discussions with HCTealc and RD-RatBastard on the wolfenstein
forum percipitated this madness.

You can contact me at, or SCDS_reyalP in game or on
the map-center, planetwolfenstein and forums.

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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