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By CptnTriscuit

Thank you for downloading my little map pack. I have been working on this project for a while now, on-and-off depending on my schedule. Anyway, I hope you enjoy playing the maps, because I had alot of fun making them.


To install the map pack, simply place the mp_battlefieldmp.pk3 file into your Return to Castle Wolfenstein / Main directory. To uninstall it, just take it out.

What's in the Pack

This map pack contains 4 new custom maps for multiplayer RTCW. Each map supports a slightly different style of gameplay, and different modes of play are available for different maps.
Attack 2 - A re-immagined version of an older map that I created, call 'Attack'. Attack2 begins in the same fashion of it's predecessor, with the Allies attempting to blast there way into an Axis military installation across a high bridge. The Allies must storm the fortified Axis base to locate, steal, and transmit top secret Axis documents.
Dangerous Waters - A smaller, more in-your-face map in which Allied forces are taking over an Axis U-boat base. Axis forces must escort the last remaining U-boat out of the pen, even if it means blasting their way out...
Railed - A secret Axis radar prototype is scheduled to be shipped out from an abandoned factory. Allied forces must navigate through the facility, steal the prototype, and then escape to the waiting truck.
Vapor - This is a 'TFC style' CP map that I had originally indented to release with an older map of mine, 'Toxicity'. It never got released, and has been sitting in my maps folder for a while. I thought I would include it in this map pack, so I cleaned it up a little and stuck it in.

Source Maps

Just in case anybody wanted to peek at the source .map files for these maps, I have included them in the folder labeled 'SourceMaps'. Happy Mapping :)
Finally, I would like to thank everybody in the Tram Design forums, and everyone who helped with playtesting.

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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