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Words from Pareto.


I'd like to thank EyeRonik at and all
Other members who are in Surface's forum. They were all a great

Much obliged to you all!


Finished on July 2, 2002.


I created this map with the intention of providing a map that
everyone could enjoy playing.

My map is a modified and modernized model of the Acropolis, Athens
(c. 435 BC).
Before the Peloponnesian War states around Athens were united by a
formed Delian League. The treasury was contained, at the Acropolis,
inside the Parthenon. In time Athens, took advantage of the Treasury
using it to beautify Athens, with sculptures, paintings and other art
work (either Doric or Ionic skills were used in those times). This
upset members of the Delian League, especially Sparta.

The previous paragraph is a basis for the root of this maps idea. The
Objective for this map, although not really what happened in the history
books, is for the Allies to escape with the Delian League Treasury to
distribute the Treasury rightfully back to each of the members of the
Delian League.

The map is not a straightforward game when individuals first play this
Game. I have included four secret spots that I hope will spark excitement
for people when they play the level and come upon them. I'll give you a hint
for what two are. When you play the level it appears that in order to go
underground , you can only go down one hole. Just so that you know,
in total, there are three different ways to get down into the tunnels! LOL
Have fun trying to find all of the secrets, and have fun gaming!

The music included in the game was performed by: GODSMACK
Title of some: VODO

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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