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*****SE READ ME******

Thank you for downloading the Special Edition Map Pack by Nib and Rummie.

**** For all read me information, wallpapers, and up to date news please go to the following URL:


Special Edition Airstrip and Mitchell Down
by Chris Witherell aka Rummie

Special Edition Bunker and Mountain Assault
by Zach Wells aka nib

Special Thanks to Det Pak for sound engineering.

The following people/communities helped create this map pack through play testing, suggestions, and technical help. Thank you very much, you all contributed a lot to this pack.

Grey Matter, Nerve and id software for making the best FPS of 2001 and perhaps of all time
Timelord Server
Tram Design
All the folks on the Tram Design Forums
Planet Wolfenstein
Planet Pointy
All the folks at #q3map
Beta Testers:
Dr. Who, SpacemanSpiff, Will, WikingTOR, Mael, ApocalypseCow, HMAN, umeremortals, Gearbolt, The_Spear, theKapn, BOOTSAUCE, SnowTrooper, Stirl, The_Gimp, WolfX, NO_Raptor, Urza_Soltan, techtonic, Team_Playa, ifurita, slowdemise, roboninja , riffmaster, Shattenman, Gear853, 56SomeDudeCRO, Batman, Morcalivan7, B|o-Hazzard, Hogtrain, MurderJunky, Platez, phantom44, Vaporizer, Oasis, Brocktree, Tunnleram, Demonspawn, Kloid, and Halister for testing

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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