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PK3 MD5 Checksum: F1D6376A902C74D75FB4E8CB97193F81

Client Downloads: 194
Site Downloads: 1734
Total Downloads: 1928

- Changes from the original mp_base

- Added door out of allied spawn
- Added a room connecting the warehouse and upper inner compound
- Fixed the indoor arty that occurred going to radar2 from inner compound high
- Added a new hall going from radar2 to the box room connecting the NE tower and radar 1
- There is now a ladder going up to the NE tower
- The hall that leads from radar 2 to the NE tower has been extended to the top of the axis spawn
- Axis spawn has another door out and the garage now has a door to exit.
- There is a ladder going from inside the axis spawn to the roof
- Added a ladder on the side of the axis spawn to get onto the roof.
- Replaced the side tin roof building window with a door
- Added spawn points in the tin roof building (select allied)
- Changed axis spawn time to 26 and allies to 22
- Some minor brushwork and texture cleanup you won't notice

This map started out as just a learning tool. We were using the map source from mp_base to learn how
to do brushwork and texturing. Eventually we created a hall that connected radar2 to the box
room. This intrigued us as we saw how a simple change altered the way the map is played. We continued
to make minor changes here and there. We later decided to mirror the map and create a map for WolfTactics.
However, since the mod died soon after, we eventually faded away from the map. Plan9 had showed the
map to his clanmates in OPP and they loved it. They uploaded the map to their private server and played
around on it. They later opened it up to the public and people seemed to enjoy the changes. Later,
when the leagues were looking for new maps to try out for the upcoming season, players mentioned "base2".
The leagues decided to try it out in the preseason so we made some final changes and bug fixes and released it.

We don't claim to be good mappers. We will be the first to tell you we are newbies. However, people liked what
we did to mp_base so we finished it for them despite not having any plans on releasing it. OPP was the main
reason this map got into preseason. It was their initiative to try something (sorta) new and push for it. If
more clans were like this with more maps, we would see a lot of fresh and new maps used in league play.

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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