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Title :MP_Jointstein
Version :Final 1.0
Release Date :09/05/2002
Filename :jointstein.pk3
Author(s) :RA$TA
Email Address
Game: Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Description (yes, this really has a story...)

:Axis and Allies got bored by all this stealing and returning documents and
blowing up buildings. They decide to smoke a big spliffy joint. Both recognize that something is
missing for total relaxing, and hell yea: Axis only found papers, Allies just have tha Grass.
Guess What... you have to put both together now, so for escaping the documents-stealing for a while
you have to reach this final goal, get the papers (or the grass) and make yourself a fine day soldier...

Extract and copy:
jointstein.pk3 in your RTCW/MAIN folder

-thats all, map should be listed in your map-list then

Author's Notes
- My second map, now improved my acknowledge with radiant.
- The first and only DRUG-MAP for RTCW !! :P
- I am part of the great m0m-clan: Visit us at: WWW.MASTERSOFMADNESS.TK

Known Bugs
-No Bugs are known, except some of these ugly texture-errors (is it overleaping?)

Build Information
Base: New Map from Scratch
Editors used: GTKRadiant , WolfRadiant, EasyGen
Build Time: ummmh, about two weeks
Compiling Time: about 7 hours

You are allowed to do what ya want with this file, unless you keep da readme in it.
You are allowed to use this map as a base for your own projects, unless you put a note
on which map yours is based on

(c)2002 m0m|Rasta -- visit MASTERSOFMADNESS.TK or on IRC : #m0m on Quakenet

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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