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PK3 MD5 Checksum: Unknown

Client Downloads: 22
Site Downloads: 166
Total Downloads: 188

Map Author: Mark REEVE

Testing/Bug Reporting: HotShot
ICQ#: 86320900
Other maps and scripts made for the Silver-Forces mod for Soldier of Fortune:

Map Description:
Allies spawn near a village that has been flooded by the new Axis dam. Their main objective is to destroy the Axis Dam Power Generator that is in a back room of the dam. The Allies can break into the Axis Relay base which is half way to the dam and capture a flag which will let them respawn in a safer place, closer to the Dam. Axis players spawn directly in the dam. There are 2 different ways to access the Dam Pwer generator: either by breaching the Axis Dam Hatch in the Power transforming room or by breaching the Dam Security Door at the bottom of the Dam Staircase.

Axis Objectives:
- Stop the Allies from destroying the Relay Base Door
- Stop the Allies from controlling the relay base flag
- Protect Axis Dam Security Door
- Protect Axis Dam Hatch
- Protect the Axis Dam Power Generator

Allies Objectives:
- Destroy the Relay Base Door
- Capture the relay base flag
- Destroy Axis Dam Security Door
- Destroy Axis Dam Hatch
- Destroy the Axis Dam Power Generator (Primary Objective)

Map info:
Compile time: 3 hours



open the zip archive and extract the files to your RTCW \Main folder (example: c:\program files\RTCW\main)


Special Thanks to HotShot for the time he spent testing this map, reporting bugs, and giving ideas of improvements

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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