mk_temple.pk3 (The Temple)

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Map Author: Mark REEVE

Testing/Bug Reporting: HOT SHOT
ICQ#: 86320900
Other maps and scripts made for the Silver-Forces mod for Soldier of Fortune:

Allied forces are attempting to infiltrate the Axis-occupied Temple and escape with the Sacred Obelisk."
Allied respawntime 20
Axis respawntime 20
Round Time Limit 12

number of objectives 5

Blow open the Crypt Coffin with dynamite
Steal the Sacred Obelisk, from inside the Coffin
Return the Obeslik to the Allied Truck
Destroy the Crypt Door
Destroy Alternate Crypt Access

Map info:
Compile time: 1 hour

Map description:

Allies in a temple occupied by Axis. The Nazis are searching for the Sacre Obelsik which is hidden in the temple.
Allies have to infiltrate the temple, find the crypt coffin which contains the obelisk and return the obelisk to their truck.



-to Hot Shot for having helped me out with testing this map, reporting bugs and improving the gameplay it offers

-to the guys of Tram Design who made a map converter without which we wouldn't be able to run custom maps under RTCW (



open the zip archive and extract the files to your RTCW \Main folder (example: c:\program files\RTCW\main)

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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