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PK3 MD5 Checksum: Unknown

Client Downloads: 5
Site Downloads: 241
Total Downloads: 246

Map Name: mp_soulportal

Author: Kloid/HS Bunghole
AIM: kloid

Map Description:
The Allies are working on project Soul Portal in an attempt to ressurect fallen comrades to fight in the Hells Spawn secret forces, in order to do this they must obtain The Book Of the dead and feed the information into the Soul Portal control panel. The Axis must destroy the Supply Train control panel and the Soul Portal before the Allies complete the project.

1. Destroy/Defend the Guardhouse door.
2. Destroy/Defend the Supply Train Control Panel
3. Destroy/Defend the Soul Portal
4. Destroy/Defend the inner church door
5. Steal the Book of the dead
6. Capture the Guardhouse checkpoint

Special instructions:

To use the elevators or trains, just aim at them and hit activate.

Installation Instructions:
Unzip file and place mp_soulportal.pk3 in the main folder of your RTCW folder. If upgrading from previous version, remove old mp_soulportal.pk3 file and replace with higher numbered version. (For example the next version would be mp_soulportal2.pk3 )

Special thanks
My special thanks to:

The members of Hells Spawn Clan for all the time spent uploading to the test server, downloading daily version updates and testing the gameplay.

To all those from the Tram forums who helped me by answering my questions in reply to my posts and to those who answered other peoples questions indirectly helping me at the same time.
Thanks for the help guys!!!


Thanks Surface for your tutorials which helped me in the early stages to learn the programs and basic building concepts.

Also thanks Bubba for some nice prefabs and Planet Pointy for script help.

I know there are people I have forgotten but this read me is already long and I still have work to do, so let me just say thanks to all and keep sharing the wealth. I will do the same when I am smart enough.

About me and about my first map

I have wanted to map ever since my friend made a simple map for Duke Nukem. I was amazed that a person could run around in a world they created themselves. I downloaded GTK radient about two and a half months ago and it is the first time I ever tried mapping. The first map I made was a test box, and it has eventually ended up being this map, the actual room for the test box is still incorporated in the map.

I dabble in web design and am basically a computer freak all around. I live in the midwest and my favorite games are Quake3 Arena, RTCW, and Starcraft. You can find me online playing RTCW most any day,... or night for that matter. My tags are =HS= Bunghole.

I hope you enjoy the map and if you do, then please keep an eye out for my next map.

Please come and visit our clan site at

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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