mk_x_lab.pk3 (X-Lab)

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Unzip all the contents to your "Return to Castle Wolfenstein/Main" folder and leave the directory structure


ICQ#: 86320900


This map is a sort a very big improvement of the "Old Town" map for RTCW that I released in January. All the
objectives, the scripting and spawn points are fixed, and the map is now 3 times larger than it used to be.
The connectivity and texturing has also been changed in quite a few places in order to improve FPS and

Mission Objectives:

Axis Forces have built a hidden X-Lab in a bombed town where they lead experiments on local people. A group
of Allies have been sent over to find the entrance to the X-Lab and detroy the X-Lab Machinery which
generates the power for the lab equipment.

Allies objectives:
1.Destroy the Axis X-Lab Entrance Door
2.Destroy the Axis X-Lab Machinery
3.Capture the Town Castle Area

Axis objectives:
1.Protect the Axis X-Lab Entrance Door
2.Protect the Axis X-Lab Machinery
3.Reclaim the Town Castle Area

*NOTE* This map is for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It will NOT work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or any other game.
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